image_girl (image_girl) wrote in zombiebar,

spreading the infection...

Hi  Community!
I'm a new memeber here, and a zombie fan.  Oh those undead!  I thought I'd start by mentioning that Toronto Canada is having it's 4th annual Zombie walk.  The Toronto Zombie walk - rain or shine!  It should be fun.   A bunch of my friends are going and I hope to be there as a zombie photographer too.    They are timing the walk this year with a new Film Festival - a 5 day film fest of "dark cinema" at the Bloor Cinema.  Last year the weather was terrible and the turn out was not as good as hoped -- only about 150 zombies showed. Still.. not too bad.  I suspect its going to be a much bigger event this year though.the search for brains!

I'm new to LJ and would love to meet other zombie fans to discuss the movies, or talk about makeup.  I'm putting together some zombie shirt designs like the one here (hope its not too big).  

anyway, nice to meet you all... and if you're going to the Toronto Zombie walk.. do come by my lj and say hi!   I've met a few people on another (very quiet community) who are quite nice but I'm hoping to meet more.  

Regards to you all. 
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