Brian (w0rl0ck) wrote in zombiebar,

Horrorfind (March)

Just thought I'd pop in to post a quick note on the Horrorfind show I just went to the weekend before last, near Baltimore, MD.

Apparently, it was much smaller than the show they typically have in August (if you have any thoughts on the August show, please let me know - I'm considering vending at that one also). I was set up in the vendor room, with my usual black gridwall and black T-shirts. It took me much of the weekend to recover properly from the tense 17 hour drive from New Orleans - most of the way through Tennessee, Virginia, and Maryland it was raining with anywhere from a light sprinkle to severe torrent, and was windy to boot. Apparently a storm system carrying tornadoes swept through Alabama, the morning after I passed through the state, so I must've been caught in one big weather system for the whole drive.

However, I had a great time. Every day in the dealers' room, at about 5pm, the beers and cocktails started appearing in the hands of customers and vendors alike. I didn't get much done in the evenings, as a result, though I did meet some great people, whom I did my best (as usual) to offend, rarely succeeding. I've been to enough fetish, swinging, and gothic events at this point, that it's pretty hard to faze me, but some of the horror folk are surprisingly uptight, though incredibly welcoming.

Highlights included meeting Lucky McKee (director of May and Roman), hanging out with Phil and Joe from Teddy Scares, meeting Lisa and Eric from Pink Monster Party and Tony and Karen from East Coast Kitty, finally having the opportunity to converse (albeit drunkenly) with Chad Savage face to face, drunkenly giving away my Eye of Horus hoody to the cute girl who worked the art show, chatting with the bass player of Cradle of Filth (not a week after seeing them in New Orleans) and selling one of these to Dani Filth, who said "We don't have cool shirts like this in England." Sweet.

Not quite highlights, but neato nonetheless... the little chick from Halloween 4 is now grown up and stunning... she poked through some of my shirts, but didn't have much interest. Gorgeous Ashley Laurence from Hellraiser flitted through the vendor room, and Doug Bradley entertained the masses in the diminutive hotel bar, apparently before dragging a bunch of folk off to the Cradle of Filth show, Sat. night.

Good fun, and a great reception by the folk in Baltimore, who kept repeating how this was tiny compared to the August show, and how I should definitely go to that. Has anyone else here been to that one?
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