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Shadow Gallery setlist

Grisly greetings,
Last Saturday, the spookiest boys and ghouls in New Orleans gathered for a gruesome get-together at Z'otz Cafe in Uptown, where DJs WrappedInPlastic, WhereShadowsLie, and Tot Kuhjunge (yours deadly), regaled a roomful of revenants with the best in new and classic dark music.  Two of our ghastly guests even traversed the haunted shores of Mississippi to attend our morbid meeting.  Here's a sanguinarian sample of what you missed...

DJ WhereShadowsLie:

The Cramps - Rockin' Bones
Reverend Horton Heat - The Devil's Chasing Me
The Deep Eynde - 13th Floor
Demented Are Go - Reptile Queen
Rock City Morgue - Beware
The Brides - Measure of Caution
All Gone Dead - Newspeak Room 101
Ghoultown - Fistful of Demons
The Brickbats - Satan Takes a Holiday
The Last Days of Jesus - When Son Died
Nekromantix - Dead Moonwalkin'

DJ WrappedInPlastic

Tear Garden - Deja Vu
Hollow Girl - Swallowing Flowers
Interpol - Evil
The Autumns - Pale Trembles a Gale
Cindergarden - Dirty Ritual
Kate Bush - Running Up That Hill
The Cure - Cut Here
Einsturzende Neubauten - The Interim Lovers
The Birthday Party - Nick the Stripper
Echo and the Bunnymen - Nocturnal Me

DJ Tot Kuhjunge

The Damned - Beauty of the Beast
The Frankenstein Drag Queens from Planet 13 - Hooray for Horrorwood
Penis Flytrap - The Dead Hate the Living
The Misfits - Night of the Living Dead
Son of Sam - Of Power
Zombina and the Skeletones - Punk Rock Vampires are Go!
Bella Morte - The Coffin Don't Want Me, and She Don't Either
Wreckage - The Blood is the Life
Action Pact - Gothic Party Time
The Horrorpops - Where You Can't Follow
The Meteors - Teenagers from Outer Space
Cult of the Psychic Fetus - Devil's on Stage
Screamin' Lord Sutch - Dracula's Daughter

DJ WhereShadowsLie

Bauhaus - Third Uncle
Love and Rockets - Haunted When the Minutes Drag
Frank the Baptist - Number One
Play Dead - Shine
The Clash - The Magnificent Seven
Joy Division - Love will tear us apart
Concrete Blonde - Still in Hollywood
The Dresden Dolls - Necessary Evil
The Naked and the Dead - Taboo
The Sisters of Mercy - Black Planet

DJ WrappedInPlastic

The Mediaeval Baebes - Ecci Mundi Gaudium
Dead Can Dance - Toward the Within
Vas - Amrita
Current 93 - Oh Thou Coal Black Smith
Cocteau Twins - Amelia
Faith and the Muse - All Lovers Lost
Rasputina - All Tomorrow's Parties
Love is Colder than Death - Oxeia
Qntal - Name der Rose

DJ Tot Kuhjunge

Glenn Danzig - Overture of the Rebel Angels
Dimmu Borgir - Progenies of the Great Apocalypse
The Gathering - In Motion #1
Type O Negative - Love You to Death
Cradle of Filth - Nymphetamine Fix
Wednesday 13 - Haunt Me
Theatre of Tragedy - Fair & Guilding Copesmate Death
Within Temptation - Candles

Join us again on July 15th for another grotesque gathering of the battiest boys and ghouls in New Orleans and beyond!
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