Kurt Amacker (kurtamacker) wrote in zombiebar,
Kurt Amacker

July's Spine-Tingling Shadow Gallery!

Hello kiddies!  This Saturday brings us anothr fiendish fright-filled evening of the mournful musical musings of the decidedly deceased!   Dare you risk your immortal soul and enter...

Your three devilish DJs have crawled crypts and cracked coffins the world over to bring you the best in new and classic dark rock.  Our evil evening begins on Saturday, July 15th at 9:00 p.m. at Z'otz Cafe Uptown
(8210 Oak Street), where the sirens wail and the zombies steal from the tip jar.  And the newly dead have nothing to fear, for Shadow Gallery is free and all ages.  Come join the spookiest boys and ghouls in New Orleans for an evening of gruesome graverobbing and creepy conversation as we put the "fun" back in "funeral."  Happy hauntings!
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