The Zombie Bar

Cold Bodies. Warm Service.

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The Zombie Bar is a comfortable little virtual dive bar that welcomes both the living and the living-challenged (don't use the term "undead", some of them are sensitive about it). I know it's a little crowded in here, but if you can make your way, in the dark, through the clouds of smoke and past the throngs of sexy vamps, regular ghouls, and local zombies, we promise you the warmest service in town. Even if the bodies are a little cold.

This is a place where the discussion can include anything from booze to bars, from zombies to vampires, from gothic to industrial, from horror movies to hard rock. Gothic nightclubs, monster movies, Great Cthulhu, Voodoo rituals, and your favorite whiskey (or beer, or wine, or Chartreuse) are all good topics in this joint. Enjoy!